Summary of the Project

There is a need for a toolkit to demonstrate the successful training and placement of people with disabilities in the job market. The project will deliver a toolkit/process of DST’s experience in providing employment skills for people with disabilities and this toolkit/framework will be disseminated among other Community Service Organisation (CSO)/NGOs to enable other institutions to learn from workable processes.

The project is funded by Irish Aid in Sierra Leone, under its in-country micro-projects scheme.


The objective of this project is to develop a shared toolkit based on DST’s experience of providing training and employment skills for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

Targeted Beneficiaries 

The DST has been running projects with people with disabilities since 2010 and has acquired a wealth of experience in providing technical training to this particular vulnerable group in society. The organisation is also currently running a British High Commission supported project, specifically targeted at women with disabilities, in increasing their participation in technical education. All of this wealth of experience will be brought together to develop a robust toolkit targeted at:

  • People with disabilities (PWDs) will be engaged in the interviews and forums
  • CSO/NGOs working with people with disabilities
  • Educators and training institution to promote better understanding of training approaches/methods to harness the qualities of people with disability and 
  • Businesses to understand the potential contribution of people with disabilities if given the opportunity
  • The media will be targeted to help disseminate positive messages of the contributions of people with disabilities

Throughout the entire project, the different targeted beneficiaries will be engaged and where appropriate, case studies will be developed.