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"The Sierra Leone Disabled Women for Positive Change"


Network Movement for Women with Disabilities (NMWD) is a unique group of disabled women with all forms of disabilities, who are determined to change the lives of all disabled women in Sierra Leone and beyond.

We want to ensure that the rights of disabled women in Sierra Leone are not being denied; we want disabled women to be included in nation building; we want to put a stop to domestic violence against disabled women and increase the economic life of disabled women in Sierra Leone, through professional IT training and employment.

The Project is funded under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Bilateral Programme Budget, delivered through the British High Commission, Freetown. 


Our mission is to empower, and  promote real and effective equality among disabled women in Sierra Leone, provide quality education, create employment opportunities and break barriers and discrimination towards disabled women.


To see that disabled women live fully integrated lives both socially and economically.


  • Working towards equality
  • People with disability have the right to earn a living and live independently
  • To transform the lives of disabled women through technical training, such as ICT (Information Communication Technology) training
  • To create advocacy for disabled women
  • To give security and healthcare to persons with disability
  • Empower disabled women to take active part in nation building


  • Skills Training- To engage disabled women in skills like gara tie dying, hair dressing, trading etc which will help them live independently.
  • Counselling- Talk to colleague disabled women that all is not lost despite their disabilities they can be what they want to be.
  • Fundraising- To involve in activities like sport, musical shows, beauty pageant shows, which will help us get money to help other disabled women.
  • Radio/Television- To go radio/television to sensitize people about disability issues on how they should interact/treat disabled and stop the stigmatization.
  • Annual General Meeting- We meet annually with disabled women from all the fourteen (14) districts to discuss issues affecting disabled women and the way forward of the organization.

Eleanor Massah Abdulai

My name is Eleanor Massah Abdulai, born on November, 28, 1988. I am an amputee, I got my amputation during the eleven years rebel war in my country by stepping on a landmines when I was at age 10. I attended the Holy Rosary Primary School in Kenema, there I attained my National Primary School Examination (NPSE) and ...

Kadiatu Mansaray

My name is Kadiatu Mansaray, born on the 22nd June 1993. I suffered from polio when I was four years old.

I started my primary school at the Freetown Cheshire Home. I sat to the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) in the year 2006 and got a very good grade. I then entered the Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School where I sat to the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in 2009 and later sat to the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2012...


My name is Mariatu S. Kanu. My type of disability is polio. I attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School, Makama road Makeni city. I proceeded to the Ahmadiyya Junior Secondary School where I sat for my basic education certificate examination (B.E.C.E)...


My name is Marie Bangura. I was born on the 4, April 1995. I am physically challenged. I can use wheelchair and crutches.

I gain my primary school education at the Freetown Cheshire Primary School...


My name is Saffiatu Kamara. When I was eight years old, I was born hard of hearing; I attended the Saint Joseph Primary School Freetown. I transferred to the Methodist Girls High School Freetown. I took my B.E.C.E. ....

Mariatu Mansaray

My name is Mariatu T Mansaray. I was not born disabled but contracted my disability when I was 5yrs of age, with only one leg. Because of my disability my mother carried me to a Boarding Home...