Strategy and Approach

Our Strategy

The key themes for our Strategy are:

  • Sponsorship in education and training - providing people with disabilities in Sierra Leone with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training and certification
  • Advocacy for disabled people - campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone
  • Operation of employment bureau - support people with disability after they have completed ICT training, by acting as a niche agency for recruitment in the provision of ICT services to businesses and other organisations

Our Approach

Accountability - we are committed to channelling all money raised directly to relevant projects that seek to improve the plight of disabled people in Sierra Leone. 

Engaging disabled people in our programmes - we are committed to developing productive engagement with persons with disabilities by preparing them for skilled employment and independent living in society. 

Transparency - we are committed to being transparent in all that we do, and to undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of our projects.

Providing information on how your money is spent - we are committed to regularly providing our supporters with accurate and up-to-date information on how your money is being spent.